Silver Prize for Qinwangyan Core Area Urban Design

Fuyang Qinwangyan Core Area Urban Design will build up the gateway on Fuchun River north coast.

OBERMEYER is awarded silver prize at the international competition of Hangzhou Fuyang Qinwangyan Core Area Urban Design.

Qinwang area has its unique landscape resource with a golden waterfront strap as long as 12 kilometers. Qinwang tunnel connecting the north and the south of the river is planned to be constructed as the significant urban gateway to Jiangnan New City. It is also considered as an important element to build the city landscape.

As the future north gateway of Fuchunjiang central area, Qinwangyan Core Area shall be branded into an integrated waterfront portal of financial business, headquarters economy, urban recreation with commercial and culture functions.

Therefore, three strategies are applied in our overall design:

City Portal, Dynamic Community
Qinwang Plaza will be created as the financial business center, surrounded by headquarter offices, intelligent office communities and LOHAS commercial residential communities, establishing the development pattern of “financial business core area + commercial residential community”. The focus is to build the skyline on the north shore of Fuchun River so that it will become a city name card for visitors who will come from the water way, to creatively explore the value of the land, to improve land use and to create a 24-hour all-day vibrant community as a powerful catalyst for urban renewal.

Integrated Development, Three-Dimensional Traffic
Sort out existing traffic problems; design underground driveway for transit traffic; create a pleasant walkable urban waterfront plaza. Underground city integrated development is proposed: Subway, tunnels, commercial space, underground parking lot will be arranged on different levels; the relation between underground space and the rivers is properly handled; highly efficient transfer system and shared traffic space are created to effectively promote the development of the surrounding area, to improve land use and to increase their commercial value.

Waterfront Landscape, Green Low Carbon
The aim is to fully explore the advantages of the landscape of mountains and water at the site to set up an engaging urban coastline. The existing urban space structure is improved to build a new landscape green axis centered around Qinwangpu and the T-shape waterfront green belt along the river. Fingerlike space structure is established. Mountains are brought into the coastline by architectural interface management, public landscape design and open space view. Therefore, the urban spatial framework of “mountain, water and the city”is built up.