Providing innovation and high quality in all engineering areas is an ongoing effort that requires not only technical knowledge but also methods and an understanding of the local needs for implementation.

The activities of OBERMEYER in China have started as early as 1990, when project involvements enabled OBERMEYER to come to China as one of the first German companies. Since then our mission has never changed. Providing innovation and high quality in all engineering areas is an ongoing effort that requires not only technical knowledge but also methods and an understanding of the local needs for implementation.

Those measures are the key to an international development and to successful projects in both Germany and in China. OBERMEYER has established successful offices in China with an open mind, being technologically oriented and with a constantly developing team. China is a key market for OBERMEYER - not only because we accompany German clients there, but we understand that China is one of the global leaders in technology markets and we believe new technologies should be embraced in China as they are done so in Germany.

We strongly believe in the strength of teamwork and that creativity and technical expertise flourish best in a well organized and goal oriented team. With OBERMEYER engineers based in over a dozen different countries, we are able to maintain a worldwide quality level while understanding local requirements – retaining a consistent level of quality throughout the board, whilst adapting to local climates and demands.

We are constantly expanding our team in China to keep up with the rapid growth and pace of the local market in order to continue providing the complete range of engineering services to our clients. OBERMEYER embraces a truly sustainable approach. From Urban Planning to construction: What we plan and build needs to last, needs to be efficient in energy and resource consumption, needs to respect cultures and nature and ought to provide a foundation for us and future generations to come.


OBERMEYER Company History


OBERMEYER works for future generations

In many fields OBERMEYER carries long-term responsibilities. A masterplan for a city will enable the quality of life of its citizens for decades and the energy consumption of a building will impact ecologic balances and climate.

OBERMEYER works not for a project only, but for future generations, together with their clients they will use the chance to plan a sustainable future.

In the last decades China has become one of the biggest and fastest growing economies in the world. Major improvements have taken place and are still happening. Yet it is important now to consider sustainable cities, green buildings and ecologic landscapes.

The fast pace of developments creates new challenges and responsibilities often together with a shift in priorities, especially with regards to significant ecological requirements. OBERMEYER is committed to a number of goals to address these effectively: to preserve nature, provide areas for recreation, save energy with green technologies, improve air quality, set up livable and social zones within the cities and design buildings which respect the needs of the inhabitants.

As Green Building standards and traffic reduction measures become more and more important globally but especially in China, OBERMEYER takes on the responsibility to apply those measures at earliest project stages.

Healthy and well organized residential & workplace surroundings have significant positive influence on people’s health and feelings. OBERMEYER strives to put this back on the agenda. In order to achieve responsibility for the projects OBERMEYER applies the reflection of those goals in their working culture. Paying respect to different opinions and open discussion, encouraging individual responsibilities and motivation for personal development are core values for OBERMEYER’s team. A transparent and open work process optimizes each project for current and future requirements.


OBERMEYER organisation diagram


Qingdao Sino-German Eco Park

Shanghai Xin Development 

Yiwu Urban Planning Bureau 

Shenzhen International Low Carbon City

China Eagle Group

Foton Automobile



New World China Land

Wuhan Donghu Management Committee

Beijing Future Technology City Management Committee

Lecong Urban Planning and Water Conservation Bureau

Changzhou Urban Construction Pingtan UrbanPlanning Bureau

Xiamen Urban Planning Bureau

China Fortune Land Development 


Dalian Software Park

Shenyang Airport 

Guangzhou New Axis

Fujian Urban Planning Bureau

Qianjiang New Town Construction Headquarters Shenzhen Subway

Tianjin Bocean Property


Changan Automobile

German Embassy

Media Markt

Wuhan-Guangzhou Railway





AUTODESK Building Information Modeling Experience Award

United States Air Force 2010 Design Awards Program

Hangzhou Cultural Wave City and City Balcony (DAM PREIS FUER ARCHITEKTUR IN DEUTSCHLAND 2010)

Guangzhou Underground City

(1st prize of Guangzhou Core Area International Competition)

Xiamen Subway Line 1 Jimei Station

(1st prize of Xiamen Subway Urban Design International Competition)

Suzhou Dushuhu Hospital

(2nd prize of Dushuhu Hospital International Competition)

Guangdong Shunde Yingde Industrial Park

(1st prize of Yingde Industrial Park International Competition)

Ganzhou Beidou Industrial Park

(1st prize of Ganzhou Beidou Industrial Park International Competition)

Shanghai Black Forest

(High-end Residential Design Excellence Award, CIHAF Design China)