Shanwei Coastal Avenue Landscape Schematic Design

Vibrant Urban Spine, Vitality of Ocean

Shanwei, this leisure city on the edge of the South China Sea, adjacent to the world-famous Pearl River Delta city group, the special geographical location has created a unique sea Hailufeng culture.


The design takes into account in this context, actively integrate into the daily needs of the Shanwei people, and also focus on the entire Southeast China. The same cultural background, mutual assistance in economic development cooperation, superior traffic conditions, will make Shanwei a comfortable tourist holiday leisure destination for coastal residents with cultural identity.


For overall landscape planning, we have put forward four major challenges and correspondingly four major strategies.


In response to the coastal city scenery, we propose to establish a strategy one: Coastal city coexistence of future and past:

Design through a vibrant red carpet series of Human Memory part, the Energetic New Urban part, Ecological Beach Park, and Vacation Leisure part, forming of the one-axis four-zones landscape structure, lay out the main landscape pattern and tone;


For the city skyline design, the old town pattern through the embellishment of the new building to show vitality, the construction of the new city to show the rhythm of coastal architecture, Beach Park has open nature atmosphere, corresponding to the back city and mountain, from the resort Jinting Bay, till transition to the Magong Mountain forest landscape, colorful coastal urban space comes into being.


To deal with the safety of coastal city, we put forward the ecological safety structure strategy:

Back as Jianfeng Mountain, front as Honghai Bay, from the west MaGong Mountain, we set up a series of the urban green corridor, control of urban development can be maintained in a good ecological landscape; In response to the severe threat of coastal flooding, we have proposed a variety of ecological safety shoreline.


In response to coastal road traffic, we have put forward compact traffic mode strategy:

For the design of Coastal Avenue, we define the nature of its service from the larger area, in contrast to the eastern section of the original Coastal Avenue, to provide a landscape boulevard that satisfies the traffic and shows the characteristics of the waterfront; and the slow movement space of the Coastal Avenue carries a variety of modes of transportation, connecting all kinds of activity nodes to meet the diverse needs of the citizens



In response to regional cultural connotations, we have proposed multicultural venues for activities:

We want to seize this marine cultural characteristics, retain the memory of fishing boats, port culture; bring coastal activities; important node design inspired by marine life, to form the urban corals, urban conch, urban shells and so on, rich and interesting urban space carry a vibrant civic activities.


Festival activities are the best display platform for urban folk culture, and also the most lively time of our red carpet, the team of festive parades along the red carpet to show the enthusiasm of Shanwei;


Coral is a safe gathering place for all kinds of fish in the ocean, while urban corals imply that Shanwei is a multicultural habitat and a gathering place for people from all over the world, therefore a wide range of recreational activities, cultural exchanges, customs performances and so on will take place here.