Obermeyer Attended 3rd China Design & Public Art Exhibition

Obermeyer Attended the 3rd China Design and Public Art Exhibition

The 3rd China Design Exhibition and Public Art Exhibition hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China, the Guangdong Provincial People's Government and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government was held in Shenzhen Contemporary Art and Urban Planning Museum from January 11th to April 6th, 2019. The exhibition is divided into eight sections: traditional activation, image communication, Chinese intellectual creation, science and technology integration, smart city, urban and rural construction, quality space and friendly community. Invited by the curator Mr. Fang Xiaofeng, the associate dean of Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts, editor of the "Decorative" magazine, professor, doctoral supervisor, the Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town project designed by Obermeyer was exhibited in the "Quality Space" section. The “Quality Space” section explores how Chinese design and public art, with human core and urban development needs, play an important role in creating urban art landscapes, shaping urban humanities and image, and improving urban space quality.

Zhujiang New Town is located at the geographic center of the intersection of the three major groups of future urban development in Guangzhou. The underground space and central square in the core area of Zhujiang New Town are an important part of the central axis of the new city. It will combine the buildings on both sides and the 350-meter twin towers to shape the new landmarks of Guangzhou in the future. The Zhujiang New Town Underground Commercial City is composed of three main design elements: the square series, the shopping gallery and the courtyard. The sunken plaza is laid along the central axis and forms the spine of the underground commercial city. The shopping gallery is like a blood vessel extending in various functional areas of the underground. The setting of the courtyard enhances the quality of the underground functional space and creates a comfortable and quiet space atmosphere. The central square is the intersection of the urban spatial function and landscape of the Zhujiang New Town. It not only serves as a connection to different landscape spaces on the north and south axis, but also serves as a link between the east and west buildings of the square.

Obermeyer also provided a plan for the municipal transportation project in the core area of Zhujiang New Town, improved the traffic in the CBD core area of the Zhujiang New Town, strengthened its connection and communication with the peripheral city traffic, and enhanced the convenient transfer function with the rail transit. Through this planning, it became possible to create 1,5 km long car free zone from Huangpu Dadao till Pearl River. Today it becomes the favorite space for the citizens and tourist.