Guangdong Yingde Industrial Park is a special cooperative zone which was initiated and will be fully supported by Shunde government and Yingde government. By the opportunity of industrial transform, a harmonious new city combining industry, residence, ecology and tourism will be built in the northern part of Yingde. The planning concept is to create a new generation of eco-developing industrial zone while preserve the existing physiognomy and cultural landscape, including mountains, rivers, ponds, tea gardens, villages, etc. Sequence of development should be based on the principle of “progressive development and staging balance” to realize land balance and sustainable development.

OBERMEYER has won 3rd prize for the design given by Zhuhai Urban Planning Geological Survey & Architectural Design Association, and continued design deepening in consortium with Zhuhai Planning & Research Institute.

Location: Shunde, China
Assignment type: Competition
Design Phases: Conceptual Planning
Type of project: Business + Industrial Park
Project duration: 2011
Program: Industrial, Office
Area: 36000000 m²