The “Special Planning for Underground Space of Wuchang Binjiang Business District” project focuses on solving traffic problems, relying on urban transportation facilities, making full use of good geographical location, integrating financial and commercial activities, commercial resources, auxiliary services, and transportation infrastructure in the region. It’s theunderground city complex with functions such as landscape, commercial, cultural and entertainment, business, municipal,warehousing and logistics, etc.
In the stage of constructive detailed planning, the underground space development research in the concept planning stage, the overall layout plan, the transportation strategy, the development scale, the utility tunnel and the fire prevention suggestions will be integrated. Through the underground space development control principle, overall control the implementation of urban underground space, and guarantee the intercoordination and feasibility among the schemes of underground space plan, surface urban design, municipal transportation and subway, etc.  

Location: China
Design Phases: Detailed planning of underground space construction and key areas conceptual design
Type of project: Core Area
Project duration: 2018
Area: 1400000 m²