Hainan Province is China’s gateway to southeast Asia, Africa and Europe. It is also the renowned hometown for overseas Chinese. Mulan Bay is located at the northeast of Hainan Province with outstanding traffic system. Rich in diversified natural and cultural resources and supported by the government, it will become the new engine of the economic development of Hainan.

The idea of “galaxy“ is used as the planning concept. The integration of high-density and low-density urabn distribution is represented in the form of “green bell“, which will develop into intensified cluster mode. The urban core functions will be centered in Mulan Bay area and the overall planning layout will be one center, three axes and multi-districts. Inner harbor is mainly for leisure life. Outer harbor will be used for logistics, which will bring the marine industry into urban life.

The independent blue technology town is located at the west side of the site next to the core area. The blue life resort, waterfront residential area and the ecological resort will be used for leisure and beach holiday. Nanyang cultural town and the Puqian old town will become a characteristic tourist attraction. The Puqian new town will be used as a backup region for the long-term development of the city.

Mulan Bay planning will undertake the history and create a new future for the area. It will build low-carbon economy and maintain the sustainable development for the area for the long future.

Location: Hainan, China
Assignment type: Competition
Design Phases: Conceptual Planning
Type of project: City Extension
Project duration: 2016
Area: 84300000 m²