OBERMEYER and other international participated in the international bidding of the project. OBERMEYER has outstanding performance in building function, form, landscape, water treatment, technology, economy, energy saving and so on, and gained great recognition from experts.

Shanghai Chongming Island is China's largest estuary impact Island, the Yangtze River gateway. The project is located in Yingdong village, Chen Jia Zhen, Chongming District, Shanghai, with a planned area of about 175158 Sqm. Planning and construction of life Yangtze River Pavilion, scientific research building, staff on duty supporting, outdoor various types of conservation pools ,ecological wetlands and other facilities. The base will become a landmark of specialized aquatic organisms "world-class ecological island".


In the planning and design of the base of the Chinese Sturgeon Nature reserve, we take the culture of the Yangtze River and both sides of the Strait as the source of design inspiration, take the Chinese philosophical thought of "harmony between man and nature" as the guiding ideology, take ecology, harmony and inheritance as the design concept, and take architectural aesthetics and architectural technology as the design means. Draw up a beautiful, harmonious, ecological and intelligent imagines for the base.


On the journey of time, we traveled with the Chinese sturgeon and the finless porpoise. In the behavior ecology area, we will combine the exhibition of Chen and the ramp to design three wonderful journeys. The first journey: the journey to the source, the second journey: the journey of science, the third journey: the journey of exploring.

The three journeys not only show people a fantastic and romantic picture of the Yangtze River, but also bring reflection and Enlightenment on how to retain the beauty of the Yangtze River and inherit Chinese culture from generation to generation


We will take the Chinese sturgeon protection base as an ecological park to design, under the premise of satisfying the function, we endow it with more cultural connotation and landscape value. The design source comes from the inexhaustible theme of "Yangtze River". The rolling Yangtze River, flowing from the mountains to the sea, from the ancient times to the future, has cultivated a broad and profound Chinese culture, achieved a wise Eastern philosophical system, and "harmony between man and nature" is a wise choice for human survival and reproduction.

Location: Shanghai, China
Assignment type: Competition
Design Phases: Architectural deepening design
Project duration: 2018 - 2019
Area: 175158 m²