As the east extension line of Shennan Boulevard, Shenyan Road is the most important traffic artery as well as dynamical axis of urban development of Yantian District. And meanwhile it is also the development backbone of Yantian District, the road experiencing from flourishing city to coastal style, and more an important landscape and hospitality avenue to Yantian than to Shenzhen, which directly represents the city image of Shenzhen and Yantian. Along with metro line 8 putting into operation and accelerated development of renewal projects along the road, the spatial form of urban construction land along Shenyan Road will change significantly, and there is an urgent need to improve urban quality relying on the reconstruction of Shenyan Road.

The design is based on detailed analysis of status quo, based on the problem and the challenge, the concept of “Zebra Family” is proposed as the symbol of integration of landscape and transportation. The renovation of 6.9km-long Shenyan Road will be divided into two segments based on 3 main strategies of “building safe and continuous slow traffic system”, “restore the splitted urban space in the south and north” and “create vivid image of the road”, Meanwhile through the integration design of area in- and out of the road boundary, the landscape quality on both sides of the Shenyan Road shall be significantly improved. At the same time, the splitted space on both side of the road shall be reunited at Shenyan Road through an introduction of the combination of transportation and landscape function based on existing street crossing facilities which will also improve the experience of street crossing.

The vivid street image of Shenyan Road is to be reflected through the landscape design of five important nodes: among which the Sha tau kok Station, Haishan Station and Yantian Port Station are used as the node for Line 8 Metro station under construction, the intersection of Shenyan Road and Shayan Road as well as the Beishan Overpass are nodes for important intersections along the Shenyan Road, the five important nodes are all going to be the areas with heavy traffic and people flow along the Shenyan Road in the future. As the starting point for the comprehensive implementation of the design concept, the five nodes are designed with different Zebra family elements to create a composite cross-street landscape facility which forms a slow -moving friendly base, meanwhile in combine with the key functions of each node, a framework for bearing design is formed. From east to west, Urban PORTAL, Urban LOUNGE, Urban SALOON, Urban GARDEN as well as Urban GALLERY will be built in turn which will also comprehensively drive the improvement of landscape and slow-moving quality along the 6.9 kilometer Shenyan Road.

Location: 深圳, China
Project duration: 2019