The Shenyang Taoxian International Airport which was designed by OBERMEYER and put into use in 2001 has reached an annual passenger dispatch capacity of about 6 million. According to the future plan it will get to 11 to 12 million within a few years.

As the estimated passenger number will overpass the planning capacitiy at that time, the client has consulted OBERMEYER for a solution of the ever increasing passenger dispatch amount. To meet the future requirement OBERMEYER worked out two possible options:

Option 1: Refurbishment of the old terminal, so that it meets the standards as international passenger terminal.

Option 2: Demolishment of the old terminal and new construction of an international terminal which meets all the relevant demands.

Location: Shenyang, China
Assignment type: Commission
Design Phases: Schematic Design
Type of project: Train Stations + Airports
Project duration: 1997 - 2006
GFA: 30000 m²