The overall goal of this project is to design Shanwei Coastal Avenue as a coastal entertainment corridor for Shanwei local people, and also a comfortable vacation leisure desination for the entire South China coastal residents, with a sense of the same cultural identity.


Back as Jianfeng Mountain, front as Honghai Bay, from the west MaGong Mountain, we set up a series of the urban green corridor, control of urban development can be maintained in a good ecological landscape;


A vibrant red carpet connects series of Human Memory part, the

energetic new urban zone, ecological beach park zone, and vacation leisure zone, together constitute a fusion of marine culture characteristics, becoming the future Shanwei landmark of the coastal city image.


We want to seize this marine cultural characteristics, retain the memory of fishing boats, port culture; bring coastal activities; important node design inspired by marine life, to form the urban corals, urban conch, urban shells and so on, rich and interesting urban space carry a vibrant civic activities.


Coral is a safe gathering place for all kinds of fish in the ocean, while urban corals imply that Shanwei is a multicultural habitat and a gathering place for people from all over the world, therefore a wide range of recreational activities, cultural exchanges, customs performances and so on will take place here.

Location: Shanwei, China
Type of project: Waterfront Landscape
Project duration: 2018
Area: 1000000 m²