Large area of water system and horizontal and vertical roads have divided the site into a number of unique shapes. These waterfont island shapes are quite different and stylish. We name all the islands with similar intruments, aim to stress out the geometry of individual island. As a result, looking from a distance it is "harp", looking nearly it is "islands". This design is aimed to achieve the perfect fusion of architecture and landscape, shaping elegant and impressive public space. Based on the essence of Chinese classical garden, we try to fuse the water feature and humanistic space, and make these islands carrying culture, residence, leisure space, commercial space, etc. In gerenal, a deep chinese classical culture is planted into the design. Certain areas where cultural axis meets the landscape water have been given multiple qualities, both cultural identity and beautiful landscape feature. So we recommend that some cultual and landscape nodes should be located, conveying the whole design intrinsic characteristics of ups and downs. With the design concept "instrument" and "islands", we learn from literatural notion of great Tang dynasty poet Baijuyi’s poem "offering music on boat at night" and senario of nowaday muscians playing pipa with fascinating surroundings in Chinese classical garden. At these cultural zones, impressive and memorable culture space can be shaped.

Location: Qingdao, China
Assignment type: Commission
Design Phases: Conceptual Planning, Urban Design for Core Area
Type of project: Town Planning
Project duration: 2016
Area: 753194 m²