The design-strategy researched into numerous options for the most central conditions in operating the plant, while adhering to the "people-oriented" design concept setting the production facilities into a green park. At the same time, the design attaches importance to "logic and rationality" and emphasizes the rational and logical link between function and space by taking utmost care for the complex logistical demands. Different from simple plant, OBERMEYER designed Plot Eight to be modern & green, whilst unifying human & technology within a state-of-the-art industry park.

The master plan of this project is based on functionality and the logical relationship of streamlined organization, but offers same time high exterior qualities. Further the OBERMEYER team in very good cooperation with Huawei’s project team organized the plant and canteen into an organic whole through aligning it via a central green corridor. The central green area of the park shall serve as the core area of the entire industry park made of several plots. The representative, yet comfortable canteen, shuttle bus services and intensive landscape design shall bring vitality to the area. That way OBERMEYER establishes a local sense of space that differs from traditional electronic factories by actualizing the core idea of a high-tech production park.

The highly detailed facade design adheres to the form follows function’ principle and at same time avoids the ‘container rationality’ often bonded stereotypically with standard industry parks. Based on considerations of the core functionalities, the design approach for the facade is categorized into segments of closed / semi-open and open facades. Due to the extensive size of the different facilities, OBERMEYER paid high attention to the rhythm and the proportion of details. The deceived overall color-scheme for all external surfaces is bright and warm, which simultaneously echoes a southern way of life.

Location: Dongguan, China
Type of project: Industrial Buildings
Project duration: 2019 - 2020