The west side of Pazhou Yuancun is close to Guangzhou new city central axis. Together with the coastal area of Pearl River, it will become the most important skyline of the city. The design concept can be summarized as 4 centers and 7 axes. The 4 centers are the underground city, TV tower, exhibition center and the newly planned world trade plaza. They will define the urban space form and function positioning. The 7 axes include Huangpu Road axis, Huangcheng Road axis, Zhujiang landscape axis, Pazhou exhibition axis, Xingangdong Road axis, sightseeing tower axis and world trade plaza axis. They represent the development direction of the city and the spatial visual connection in between. The exhibition center, underground city and TV tower are constructed or under construction. The planning of world trade plaza, especially the monorail traffic ring will supplement the overall urban spatial distribution. The landscape alongside Pearl River is the important area of the planning scheme.

Location: Guangzhou, China
Type of project: City Extension
Project duration: 2008
Area: 13500 m²