Chongqing Liangjiang CBD is located at Chongqing Airport New Town. As the new center of Chongqing downtown and the open-door to the outside world, it will focus on developing financial and high-end innovative industry. Here we have planned a multi-dimensional space for the future with dynamic and compact functions. According to the local conditions, we fully integrate the natural landscape and sunshine into our design to create a unique underground space for Chongqing.

Design Concept
The site covers 56.8 ha of typical mountainous terrain features interlacing with water area. Therefore, we proposed to use the concept of “multi-dimensional city” for underground space research, which are space latitude, mountain and water latitude, culture latitude, behavior latitude and innovation latitude.

Planning Structure
The planning structure is “one ring, two axes and five cores”. A ring is a multi-dimensional city ring that connects important nodes at different elevations.
The two axes are dynamic axis which connects the north and south railway stations, and ecological axis which connects the central park and the sports park.
The five cores are five important functional areas: Gather, Gorge, Landscape, Art and Innovation.

Planning Strategies
The principle of planning is integrated design: seamless connection with surrounding area and buildings; perfect integration with surrounding landscape resources; exploring site elements. Three design languages are implanted into the characteristic humanity of Chongqing. The integrated design is the soul that runs through the whole scheme. The public underground space should be connected with the surrounding land and should be closely related to the ground through the sunken plaza, the evacuation staircase and the subway entrance & exit. At the same time, natural light is introduced into the ground by means of light wells, sunken plaza and natural façade to create a multi-dimensional space experience.

Design Vision
Chongqing Liangjiang International CBD Underground City will have the dynamic complex function of business service, cultural entertainment, sports and leisure. It will create an efficient underground transportation system integrating rail transit, roadway, parking and pedestrian. Meanwhile, it will construct a comprehensive underground system, including joint trench and underground municipal facilities. Chongqing Liangjiang Underground City will surely become a hightlight of development in the central urban area and help the international business center of the two rivers become the world’s leading innovation center for science and technology.

Location: Chongqing, China
Assignment type: Competition
Design Phases: Conceptual Planning
Type of project: TOD
Project duration: 2017
Area: 568000 m²