The objective of the planning concept is to give full play to the economic advantages of Huangpu Lingang Economic Zone and to inject new connotation into CBD with the cooperation of the “Golden Triangle” of Zhujiang New City, Finance City and Pazhou. Magnetic levitation traffic is introduced into the core area to create a fast transportation link between business districts such as Zhujiang New City. One core area and five districts are built around the traffic hub. A 8km world-class waterfront area will be created together with 18 highlight projects, including Future Gate, Smart Center, Yacht Club, International Conference Center, Maritime Museum, Container Art Zone, Future Eye, Longmen International Apartment, Cable Car, etc. Diversified recreation experience is planned to enrich the riverside leisure culture tourist activities of New Huangpu area. Wenchong shipyard and the old container terminal will be reconstructed by means of artistic expression to inherit the cultural legacy and reactivate the vitality of the area.

Location: Guangzhou, China
Assignment type: Competition
Design Phases: Conceptual Planning, Urban Design
Type of project: Core Area
Project duration: 2017
Area: 7300000 m²