The gross floor area of the exhibition amounts to 140,000 m², of which 80,000 m² serves as exhibition hall, 35,000 m² as hotels and about 205,000 m² as other facilities.

The exhibition building complex has a V-form and stretches to the south. It consists of the fish-formed exhibition halls in the east and in the west and the conference centre on the middle axis. Not only the "City Experience Axis" but also the eastern new town have determined the urban space and the form of the exhibition island. Instead of the traditional decentralized configuration the exhibition halls are arranged compactly with good economic efficiency. The delivery will be realized by way of the delivery gate instead of the delivery platform, while the exhibition hall is centralized "under one roof".

The traffic design serves both the exhibition and the landscape. The streets surrounding the exhibition island are designed as riverside avenue.

Location: Fuzhou, China
Assignment type: Commission
Design Phases: Schematic Design
Type of project: Trade Fairs
Project duration: 2007
Program: Trade Fair Center, Cultural, Commercial
GFA: 380000 m²