Fuyang is an important part of Hangzhou's southward extension of the Qiantang River. The west section where Fuyang West Station Hub locates will become the core development space and public service land development area of Fuyang City's West Extension Strategy. The project is adjacent to Hangzhou Second Expressway and “One Ring” of Fuyang, which is located on the important passageway to enter the southwest of Hangzhou and is of great significance for leading the development of the west part of the city. The planning scope is about 6 km2. The north and south sides of the base are mountainous, with rich terrain and relatively flat in the middle. Adjacent to Qiaoxi Reservoir, Chunjianxi River passes through the city, surrounded by mountains and rich in natural landscape resources.

Design Ideas

OBERMEYER plans that Fuyang West Railway Station is not only a single-function railway station, but a three-dimensional composite urban space that combines urban public activity space, landscape viewing area, commercial service center and outdoor stage. As central design strategy the integration with the landscape environment is vastly emphasized, to create a richly composite urban complex.

Integraty of station and city, harmony between city and nature

One unique achievement of OBERMEYER is that by the aerial platform, the railway station is integrated into the functional complex of the station, and the relationship between the railway station and the surrounding mountains is firmly established.

With water as the pulse, vitality molds the city

The multi-theme functional area is arranged well on both banks of the water. Natural resources combine with the cultural and entertainment and foster an innovative experience that creates the characteristic dynamic waterfront leisure space.

Cluster development, integration of Industry and city

With the TOD transit-developing which is aiming higher goals, the city needs to move to develop in a coordinated way. The urban design follows the spatial structure of "one axis, one belt, six sections and multiple clusters".

Railway Station Design

The design of Fuyang West Railway Station is inspired by the very characteristics of Fuyang's landscape and that way strengthen the local character. The painting “Fuchun Mountain and river” is famous in the world and become the city card in Fuyang. Fuyang West Railway Station, as the gateway to the west of Fuyang, is the first impression of passengers arriving in Fuyang. Therefore, the roof of the station is inspired by the layers of Fuchun Mountain, which transports an undulating form that echoes the surrounding mountains.

The roof adopts lightweight and state-of-the-art ETFE membrane structure system which combines the shading with light transmission effect. Through the change of the main truss on the space curve, it forms a smart, gentle and varied roof curve, which is in astonishing harmony with the surrounding landscape environment. The lobby will leave an unforgettable impression on the passengers under the gentle bright light of the roof.

Fuyang West Station uses two-side access system. The departure floor is in the upper level and the arrival floor is in the lower level. The ground floor is the distribution floor and the platform floor; and the second floor is the departure floor, which is connected to the pedestrian platform to enhance the environment for passengers waiting, sightseeing and leisure. The B1 level is the arrival floor. The B2 level is the underground parking floor and the subway station platform. Motor vehicles and taxis are arranged on the east side, long-distance buses and urban buses are arranged on the west side, which are all located under the pedestrian platform.

Location: Fuyang, China
Assignment type: Competition
Design Phases: Urban Design,Conceptual design
Type of project: TOD
Project duration: 2019
Area: 6000000 m²