The available plot area for the Dalian Software Park Stage II amounts to about 8.6 km2 with a planned architectural area of 4 million m2 and a total investment of 15 billion RMB. OBERMEYER won the first prize in an international design competition and was commissioned with design deepening.

The design concept of OBERMEYER has implemented the ecological idea in many aspects. In order to integrate the software park into its environment, the natural topography was highly respected in the design process.

Applying principles of urban development, human scale landscaping as well as harmony and unity of seashore and forests, a general configuration of "one chain, two cores, three zones and several clusters" was established, with different zones having different themes. The theme for the east zone is "Marina Bay City", an urban atmosphere with freestanding high-rise buildings and free public spaces in between and a marina bay connecting to the sea.

The west zone’s theme of "Integration Into Nature" accommodates mainly 3 to 4 level buildings, while in the core area high-rise buildings prevail and are arranged along the axis of peaks at both sides.

The south zone is a tourism zone with loose buildings within the natural mountains and greens.

Location: Dalian, China
Assignment type: Competition
Design Phases: Conceptual Planning, Design Deepening
Type of project: Business + Industrial Park
Project duration: 2004
Area: 25000000 m²