Dalian Harbor City Artificial Chain Island
Dalian Harbor City Masterplan
Dalian Harbor City Overall Birds Eye View
Dalian Harbor City Skyline and Main Pier

The Harbor City is located at the north bank of the Dalian Bay, vis-a-vis to the old city center at the south bank. As an important component of the “Diamond Bay”, the plot belongs to one of the most auspicious development zones in Dalian.

On the basis of the International Harbor Economic Development Zone goals, a modern urban area shall be created to accommodate not only the first national center of international deep sea marine products and center for the marine service industry, but also become a new district center, attracting a wide spectrum of businesses and residents.

The planning suggests a new artificial island group to accommodate the high-end commercial center. High rise structures form an outer ring and small buildings in the wharf a harbor museum will be situated in the center on the reclaimed land around the inner bay. Other areas of the development include a cruise ship terminal, a ferry boat terminal, luxury hotels and residences, as well as public service facilities and administration buildings. The newly developed Harbor Economic Zone at the north bank of Dalian Bay stands together with the Urban Leisure and Commercial Zone in Dalian and benefits from each other.

Location: Dalian, China
Design Phases: General Conceptual Planning, Urban Design for Core aream Traffic and landscape planning
Type of project: City Extension
Project duration: 2011
Area: 8700000 m²