Technical evaluation of four provided sites, collecting data and providing SWOT analysis of the plots and their surroundings. Layout concept, optimizing each plot for the use of Brand Experience Building, Driving Experience Modules, Carpark and connection to existing infrastructure; inclusive of construction cost calculation for each of the cases. The potential, challenges and opportunities of four different locations for BMW Brand Experience and Driving Center are studied in a comprehensive manner. The first part of the technical assessment evaluates the four plots in a comparative perspective, taking into consideration their accessibility, surrounding infrastructure, as well as land use planning. Moreover, a masterplan is proposed for each of the plots, including similar key elements and showcasing our proposal for handling track layout, while maximizing their site-specific individual advantages. By focusing on the diverse potential of each plot, every single option results in a different concept, being the “fun” character enhanced in one of them, while the “high-speed” one might be more important in others.

Location: Shanghai, China
Assignment type: Commission
Design Phases: Due Diligence, Conceptual Design
Type of project: Test- Experience- and Race- Track Design
Project duration: 2015
Area: 120000 m²