Wuhan Optics Valley Central City is under construction

The Lasted News About Wuhan Optics Valley Central City

OBERMEYER is privileged to design the underground space of Wuhan Optical Valley Underground City–which at the start of realization represented the largest underground project in Asia. Honored as a “Super-Underground City”,the Wuhan Guanggu project has attracted more than 10 billion RMB of investment and will be the longest underground walkway in China after construction. 

To date, the construction work for this grand project is running smoothly and is expected to be accomplished in 2021. By the time, the unparalleled success of this pivotal project will boost the Wuhan urban development and be a good reference for future underground practices. 


OBERMEYER initiated an integrated design and programming method to deal with the challenges brought by the large-scale and complexity of the field. With taken all aspects into consideration, the mix-use area can not only maintain its unity and interactivity, but also thoughtfully tailor to varying space for different activities.

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