TUM's Hyperloop Team Sponsored by OBERMEYER Wins for the Fourth Time

TUM's Hyperloop Team Sponsored by OBERMEYER Wins for the Fourth Time in a Row

For the fourth time, the student team from Technical University of Munich (TUM) succeeded in winning the worldwide Hyperloop competition in Los Angeles. OBERMEYER is one of the gold sponsors of the team.

The Hyperloop may become the transport of the future. Travel in a so-called pod in a vacuum tube at a speed of more than 1,000 km / h - this utopia is to become reality with the Hyperloop in the foreseeable future.

The Hyperloop is a mode of transport invented by Tesla and the US space company SpaceX. Floating capsules move in a low-pressure tube as close as possible to the speed of sound. A journey from Munich to Berlin would only take 35 minutes.

In order to make this idea public, tech billionaire and Tesla boss Elon Musk together with Space X had launched a worldwide student competition for the development of POD prototypes, which the Hyperloop team of TUM was able to win for the fourth time in a row.

21 teams took part this year. And as every time there was only one goal for the students of the TUM: top speed! And indeed their POD raced through the tube at 482 km/h, more than 200 km/h faster than the POD of the second placed team from ETH Zurich. Thus, the TUM team managed to beat the world record set last year by itself by 15 km/h. The TUM team was able to reach the highest speed in the world with its POD. Goal achieved!