Sino-German Urbanization Symposium in Baotou

OBERMEYER shared its view on Sustainable Planning and Architectural Design of livable cities for the growing urbanized regions.

Hosted by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the German Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, and supported by Inner Mongolia Government, the 3rd Sino-German Urbanization Symposium successfully took place on Sep 17th 2016 in Baotou. The principle aim was to explore urbanization's roles in the transformation of industrial cities. Serving as an exchange platform between China and Germany, the symposium touched on various topics, including the construction of livable cities, development of equipment manufacturing and professional trainings.

Mr. Stephan Jentsch, General Manager of OBERMEYER China, gave a speech on Sustainable Planning and Architectural Design in China. The symposium facilitates the opening-up of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and accelerates the development of urbanization.

A mutual cooperation between China and Germany is expected to be enhanced onwards.

Discussion during the Sino-German Urbanization Symposium
Mr. Jentsch giving his speech at the Sino-German Urbanization Symposium
Site visit for the Sino-German Urbanization Symposium