Silver Prize for Lin'an Waterfront City Urban Design

Design an Ecological Health Waterfront City and Intelligent Culture Gathering Bay

The prominent design from OBERMEYER has been awarded silver prize at Lin'an Waterfront City competition.

The project is a model of Lin'an embracing Hangzhou in front of the world as an international ecological science and technological waterfront city. To fulfill the goal of high-quality urban landscape, highly recognizable urban areas and attractive urban space, 6 planning strategies are proposed:

1. Set up lakeside ecological buffer zone
The ecological buffer green belt along the lake is greater than 50m. Distinctive walkways and view platforms are designed on the belt to protect the natural resource of the shoreline. The existing landuse and buildings by the lake should be regulated by moderate development intensity guide, efficient project planning and adaptive landscape strategy to lower the ecological impact on the area.

2. Suture the landscape system
Landscape space should be integrated to establish the transition from nature to urban area and to complete landscape foundation network and open space system. Using Chinese traditional urban space as a reference, the view at the commanding height of the city is emphasized. City landmark buildings such as plaza, city balcony and view platform are set at the key nodes so that tower, bridge, corridor, island and mountain lake are integrated into the spatial visual system.

3. Optimize open space
Slow traffic system is designed along the lake to form a sustainable open public space. Through the multi-layer landscape coastal design with elevation difference, the problem of flood is solved. An international standard ring outdoor theater with floating stage is set up by wise use of the coastline elevation difference. Such distinctive theater will enable the place to host globally influential theater festival.

4. Diversified project planning
Taking advantage of the lakeside, a number of key projects such as lakeside floating theater stage, museum, library, art commercial water street, city conference hotel, robot museum and city balcony are planned to upgrade public service level. Great thinker valley is set comforming to the mountain geomorphology. The concept of "ring" linking cloud manufacturing town is innovatively used to jointly build the technological constellation cove.

5. Road system adjustment
Traffic system should be adjusted to reduce its impact and destruction on the landscape around the lake. Alteration will gather popularity of the new city and enrich dynamic line experience.

6. Encourage TOD mode
3 stations are set on Lin-Hang urban subway at the site. According to TOD concept, stations at the crossing point of the ring rail should be set as the core area to encourage public transportation. Intensified development of hotel conference, office, residence and entertainment should be integrated to improve landuse efficiency and to shape the city image.