Shenshan Healthy City

Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone Central Area Conceptual Urban Design

Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone is located in southeast of Guangdong province, west of Shanwei, next to Huizhou, facing to Honghai Bay. In 2017, Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone is fulling leading by Shenzhen government, to reach the goal of high standard planning and development. Fast and close transport links with Shenzhen will be established through high-speed railway, intercity rail and highway. Key development goal of overall design is to create the first healthy city demonstration zone in China, being the driving engine of the eastern area of Guangdong province, contact the quality urbanization model with Shenzhen, comprehensive core of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone.

Based on the eco background analysis and natural division of mountain shape and water system, following the principles of depression preservation and important cultural landscape, utilizing the slope land reasonable, determining the basic pattern of the balance between ecological and construction land, a basic pattern of mountain-river-ocean-city with large blue-green ratio.

In terms of land use, two types of construction areas will be formed with two main expressways, Yicheng Avenue and Kejiao Avenue as the boundary, the centralized urban construction area and natural integration construction area. Two-core three-axis will be formed in the spatial structure. The two-core are high-speed railway TOD construction area and government core area. The three-axis are central core development axis, western multi-development axis and eastern science and education axis.

SMART & DYNAMIC FUTURE CITY” ---High-speed Railway Station Area Urban Design

High-speed railway station area locates at the north of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone central area, which is the engine of the developing. When mass-transport means settle down, no matter if it is railway or other traffic means, urban development in the walking distance of the public transport will be maximized. Our concept aims to break the traditional mode of Chinese railway station, build an urban complex hub area integrated by ecology, traffic, commerce, service, leisure life, create a future city full of intelligent and dynamic, attracting talents to start business here.

A CULTURE & ART NEIGHBORHOOD”--- Administration Area Urban Design

Administration area locates at the south of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone central area, which is the key elements of the developing. Health is a positive concept, emphasizing the human, social and physical environment,the three aspects of enthusiasm. The design goal of Administration area is to create a healthy urban environment good for living and working, emphasizing the rich humanistic art atmosphere, constructing a coastal city of youth talents. Through the construction of administrative culture and social service facilities, the SOD model (Service-Oriented Development) promote to improve the municipal and public facilities in the developing area, promoting the development of new city.

Cooperation Firm:Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute  Healthy City Wlan Lab

Client: ShenShan Special Cooperation Zone Committee