SANY Science City Area Industry Planning and Urban Design by OBERMEYER

OBERMEYER tailored the Area Industrial Planning for SANY Science City to benefit from its well-integrated urban context whilst allowing to maximize its redevelopment potential.

Changsha, a star city laying in central China, equips a competitive ability in science research and innovation field. The integrated development of Changsha is advancing now from the development of regional industries of "manufacturing synergy" towards a higher level of "technology and capital synergy".

OBERMEYER closely follows the two main paths of “Free Trade” and “Smart Manufacturing” to converge towards an innovative hub leading the enterprises and regions to a splendor future growth. Through tracing its sources and organically merging it, SANY Science City is developing towards a Smart City, an international incubation base of Hi-Tech industry and an ecological live-style place for talents.

Development goals informing the OBERMEYER design:

  • Guided by source innovation, aiming at scientific innovation and R&D
  • Taking quality-life as the benchmark, while building a trinity nurturing scientific innovation ecosystem
  • Propose Changsha version of "M0" new industrial land by integrating R&D, fostering creativity, low-carbon and other innovative industrial functions and related supporting service land
  • Uphold the concept of carbon-neutrality & improve energy efficiency; Compound aboveground and underground space; Couple digital economy and application scenarios; Develop a science city for sustainable development
  • Lay out a reasonable development and operation mechanism, ensure implementation by government enterprise cooperation and SANY group


Stepping forwards, SANY Science City will focus on the flexibility of industrial transforming and the mode of urban expansion. It will explore all possible strength of technology on urban development and space making. SANY Science City with target an advanced industrial system to showcase a splendid future.