OBERMEYER Seminar | Recalling Master Yang Hongxun’s legacy.

On the afternoon of December 5th, the Ceremony of the 10th Chinese Reading Festival was held as scheduled in the Honglou Library in Beijing. With the theme of telling the story of Chinese civilization——the observation and practice report of architectural archaeology, and the fourth anniversary of Mr. Yang Hongxun, this seminar outlined a picture of the ancient world, which is as the way of recalling Mr. Yang’s academic contribution and his thoughts.

Mr. Yang Hongxun focused on architectural history and theory and the study of traditional Chinese gardens. He founded architectural archaeology of China, made the scientific and credible restoration of relics from primitive society to late feudal society, and deciphered many historical problems about Chinese ancient architectures.

At this seminar, experts on the fields of Chinese architectural archaeology shared the story of Mr. Yang Hongxun, including Mr. Lu Zhou, chairman of the Architectural History Branch of the Architectural Society of China, director, professor, and doctoral supervisor of Tsinghua University-National Heritage Center, Mr. Zhu Yuhui, a lecturer in the Department of Architecture of Tongji University and a master's tutor in architectural history and theory, and Mrs. Liu Chunyang, the architectural design director from OBERMEYER.

Mrs. Liu Chunyang formed a teacher-student relationship with Mr. Yang Hongxun in 2002. She once assisted Mr. Yang to complete the design and implementation of many architectural works. In this forum, she took Weifang Guizhen Garden as an example to reflect Mr. Yang’s unique mind, Profound knowledge, noble manner and outstanding personality.

Mrs. Liu Chunyang participated in the whole process of Guizhen Garden from the design of the project to the implementation, and was fortunate to witness the whole thinking track of Mr. Yang from conception to finalization.