OBERMEYER at Vanke Middle-West Region Product Conference

OBERMEYER shares with Vanke for 3-Dimentional City Development ( TOD & Underground Space Development )

September 15th and 16th, 2017, Obermeyer Design Director Mr. Haruo Kawasaki was invited, in a great honor, by Vanke Group, to attend the Vanke Middle-West Region Product Conference in Hilton Hotel along the beautiful Fuxian Lake. Mr. Kawasaki presented a set of TOD & Underground Space Development planning and design experience to Vanke and to another 20 world leading design firms.

About 50 years ago in 1960’s, Obermeyer had been commissioned by Munich Municipal Government to make overall planning and design for Karlsplatz / Stachus in the Munich city center, which is a big transportation hub with underground space. In the past 15 years in China, Obermeyer successfully designed a set of TOD & Underground Space Development projects, for instance,

The built projects: Hangzhou Qianjiang New City Underground Space, Guangzhou Zhujiang New City Underground Space.

The projects are under construction: Wuhan Optical Valley Core Area Underground Space ( which is the biggest underground space development project in the world ), Changzhou High-speed Railway Station Surrounding Area Development.

Winning designs: Guangzhou New North Station & Comprehensive Transportation Hub, Yangzhou High-speed Railway Station Building, Xiamen Metro Line No.1 Jimei Station etc.

The advantage of Obermeyer to do this type of project is that Obermeyer has multi-disciplinary team. In addition to the normal architects, planners, landscape architects, we have transportation experts, structure engineers etc., to ensure our planning and design concept has reasonable functions, smooth transportation flows, strong feasibility with high cost-effectiveness.

Vanke introduced their future development plans with visions in different sectors. As giant and leading company in the real estate industry, Vanke is closely chasing the new urban development trends, quickly grasping the new market opportunities, entering more sectors of the urban development, in order to dedicate to do overall urban development with full accommodation. Obermeyer is looking forward to having extensive cooperation with Vanke, contributing our professional experience, growing up together with Vanke shoulder by shoulder!