OBERMEYER at Symposium on Energy Efficiency in Tokyo

Design Directors from OBERMEYER China were invite at the symposium and gave a speech on the theme of the Impact of Energy-Saving Measures on Architecture and Urban Design

On April 17 2018, the AHK Japan held a symposium with the title "Energy Efficiency in Germany and Japan: Solutions for Commercial, Public and Residential Buildings". The daylong event that was kindly supported by the Germany Embassy, JETRO, the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation (IBEC) and the International Building Materials Forum (IBMF), was well received by the almost 80 attendees.

During the symposium, five German companies held presentations about smart heating solution, glass architecutres, ventilation systems, energy-saving architecture and design, and other energy-efficient services and products.

Mr. Haruo Kawasaki together with Mr. Jürgen Kunzemann, Design Directors from OBERMEYER China, were invite at the symposium and gave a speech on the theme of the Impact of Energy-Saving Measures on Architecture and Urban Design, showcasing examples of projects during which OBERMEYER has provided holistic solutions as well as extensive experience in the design and implementation of schemes of varying scale and complexity to the present-day demands regarding modern, energetically efficient and climatically optimized buildings.

In addition, Japanese representatives of the Japanese Agency for Natural Resources and Engery, Passive House Japan and the Japan Federation of Construction Contractors talked about the challenges and possibilities that Japan is currently facing in relation to energy-efficient buildings, the goal of rapidly increasing the number of Zero Energy Buildings and Houses by 2030, and the CASBEE system for evaluating the environmental performance of buildings in Japan.

The symposium was held in the context of a trade mission to Japan that took place on April 16 - 20, as part of a market development program for German companies, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). The five participating German companies were able to obtain first-hand information on Japan, followed by individual B2B meetings with companies in the greater Tokyo area in order to discuss possible business collaborations. As one of the largest independent firms of engineers and architects in Germany, OBERMEYER is looking forward to extending its expertise and the latest technologies for engergy-efficient construction and renewal of buildings to the Japanese market.