Mr. Knabe invited to attend ground breaking of MTU plant extension

Mr. Christopher Knabe invited to attend the ground breaking of MTU plant extension

On September 10, Mr. Christopher Knabe, General Manager of OBERMEYER China, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of MTU (Motoren-und Turbinen-Union, i.e. Engine and Turbine Union) plant extension project and the important launching ceremony for the LEAP - 1B maintenance ability. OBERYMER has the privilege of supporting our long term partner MTU with project management services throughout the whole extension phase.

MTU Maintenance Co., Ltd is the largest aviation engine maintenance base in China which is jointly established by China Southern Airlines Group and Germany MTU Aviation Engine Company, and its civil aviation engine maintenance level is in the leading position in Asia. MTU No. 1 plant extension project is located in Zhuhai bonded area, extending the existing repair factory building and its affiliated area to the northeast. After the completion of the expansion, the maintenance capacity can be increased by 50%.

OBERMEYER’s scope of project management embraces the complete project cycle by process, providing the services including the preliminary approval of the project, design scheme consultation, construction management and quality management, and filing consultation of completion acceptance.