Changbaishan Railway Station Design Completed

OBERMEYER completes design of a new high-speed railway city extension in Changbaishan to boost the nearby Ski Resort destination.

Following the IOC decision in 2014 to award Beijing/Yangqing the 2022 XXIV Olympic Winter Games, the chinese market of winter sports sees a massive rise. New skiing areas are developed and existing ones upgraded to cater for the upcoming additional visitors.

The project is located at the northeast of Chibei Area, which is the service base of Changbaishan North Gate and spans over a plot area of 3.8 The design concept is an extension of the existing urban cluster structure to a ring-layer functional layout.

The city Changbaishan is boosting its touristical attractivity by developing the new highspeed train station area together with traffic improvements within its border. The expected growth of tourist numbers will be be accommodated by direct linked roads and the implementation of a public transport hub within the new station.

It combines the surrounding clusters of tourism, creative industries, public service, low-carbon residence, etc. to form an integrated city network; central transportation ring is improved to enhance the accessibility of the station from all directions; green centripetal cluster and ecological aggregation are reinforced. Three main urban axis extend to the railway new area and connect the main city nodes. The existing railway tracks are partially retained and transformed to linear park. The railway building design is inspired by the surrounding mountain landscape. By improving its urban functions and merging the railway station space with urban space, a city of highly intensive features is created.

OBERMEYER changbaishan railway station areal view of central axis
OBERMEYER changbaishan railway station urban design
OBERMEYER changbaishan railway station eye level
OBERMEYER changbaishan railway station half aerial
OBERMEYER changbaishan railway station entrance lobby
OBERMEYER changbaishan railway station waiting hall