Bid winner | Urban Design of Shantou Hub Station

OBERMEYER Won the Bid of the International Competition for Urban Design of Shantou Hub Station and Surrounding Area

OBERMEYER won the international competition for urban design of Shantou Hub Station and Surrounding Area. Among the 37 domestic and foreign design units (or consortium) applying for the competition, 6 passed the qualification preliminary election, and Obermeyer was the only non-consortium unit. Meanwhile, in accordance with the principles set by the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee, through the vote from the competition committee, OBERMEYER has been awarded as the leading Company in charge of the deepening work. With the planning, construction, transportation, ecology and other comprehensive team strengths, Obermeyer will help to build the splendid Shantou Hub area. The establishment of the Shantou high-speed rail hub will become a new engine for Shantou to lead the integrated development of Chaozhou and Jieyang.